From the Evening Gazette, 19 May 1967.   (It was not of course Marton Operatic's 13th year, it was our 38th!)

A letter from the Rev Fred Secombe, Vicar of Cockett, near Swansea, and brother of the famous Harry Secombe, has clinched  the decision of the Marton Parish Church Operatic Society  to present "Utopia Limited".
This is one of the last of the  Savoy Operas and, unlike most of the others, it is rarely performed by amateurs.   It is an expensive show to produce and has a large number of principals.
I am told that Liverpool is the nearest town to Blackpool where there has been an amateur production.
The Secretary of the Marton society, Mrs R A Birchall, heard that it had been given at Mr Secombe's church, so she wrote to him for further details.
The reply was encouraging.  Mr Secombe said that the production, in which he played, was very successful.
Thirteen, it seems, may prove to be the Marton society's lucky number on this occasion.  This is their 13th year, and they are giving "Utopia Limited" during the week beginning November 13.
The opera is in the capable hands of Robert Atherton, the musical director, and Ken Nicholls, the producer, and it is likely to add to the society's long list of Gilbert and Sullivan successes.
The social committee have arranged a programme of events to cover the extra expense involved.  The first will be a musical evening and demonstration of high fidelity equipment arranged by Mr John Stevenson in the Marton Parish Hall next Wednesday.


And the Gazette's review of 14 November 1967...

Although "Utopia Limited" is one of the least known operettas by Gilbert and Sullivan, it was an excellent choice, and challenge, for the Marton Parish Church Operatic and Dramatic Society, last night.
The company opened for the week in the church hall, and once again this gifted group, with a string of Gand S successes behind them, were entirely equal to the demands made upon them.
This was particularly so in overcoming the difficulty of limited stage space, on which it was by no means easy to achieve harmonious and moving deployments of principals and chorus.
At its best "Utopia Limited" has many items at least equal to the better-known works and, perhaps, deserves wider distinction that it has.
The whole company soon captured the lively, merry mood of the opera and the principals performed well with Ken Nicholls ("King Paramount") claiming a double success, for he produced the opera as well.
Other principals included Joan Addison ("Princess Zara"), Michael Hilton ("Scaphio"), Alan Judge ("Phantis"), Margaret Hinton ("Lady Sophy").
Other members of the outstanding company were Donald Sheerin, Arthur Gladwin, Chris Bennett, Eric Gilfoy,  Stan Archer, John Burn, Peter Huscroft, Bill Partington, Bebe Hilton, Dorothy Brookfield, Judith Morgan, Joan Carter, and Margaret Hayhurst.
The sure and decisive control of Robert Atherton, the conductor, brought out the full capabilities of the vocal side.
(The article concludes with a list of chorus members.)


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