From the Evening Gazette 22 November 1966...

A young couple in love.   She is the daughter of the captain.   He is an able seaman.   And the only course open to them is to run away and marry.  
It could be the theme of one of today's plays, but it was written in 1878, set to music and became the successful "HMS Pinafore", by Gilbert and Sullivan.
During all those years its popularity has not diminished, as members of Marton Parish Church Operatic and Dramatic Society found last night, when they presented the opera in the church hall, Preston Old-road.
The hall was full, and in the audience were many young people, who obviously enjoyed the melodrama and gay music.
For in spite of changing tastes, the music of Gilbert and Sullivan operas will continue to enjoy immense popularity.   Perhaps it is because the plots, although slight, apply today.
From the moment the curtain went up the full-throated singing thrilled.   It was extremely tuneful and confident.   One could hear every word.

Certain members of the company - Ken Nicholls and Margaret Hinton - seem to have parts tailor-made for them.   They fall easily into roles which have a touch of comedy, and in "HMS Pinafore" they portray Sir Joseph Porter, KCB, and Little Buttercup.
The lovers, played by Eric Gilfoy and Joan Addison, sang beautifully together and were a real delight to hear.
Captain Corcoran the anxious-to-be-right captain, was well played by Conrad Pate.
Praise goes to the sailors' choruses as well as the supporting cast - Chris Bennett, Arthur Gladwin, Jim Millard, John Wade, Philip Walsh and Joan Carter.
Robert Atherton was the music director.
The opera will be presented each night and ends on Saturday.