The Gazette followed our performances at Marton -
and on tour to Farnworth with an audience of 900!

The Marton Operatic Society, a go-ahead and zealous body of musicians, have been "on their toes" this week in their presentation of the propular comic opera "The Mikado".   They conclude a five-nights' run to-night.
  As I reported in Wednesday's "Evening Gazette", the production has again been a great success.
  Steeped as Mr. Sidney King (the producer) is in the Savoy traditions, the show has developed on more or less orthodox lines, and there has, wisely, been no introduction of local "colour".
  The cast is uniformly good, and the team work throughout has been a characteristic feature.   The Martonians are a happy crowd, and their zest and the extreme pleasure they take in reproducing every detail is an enviable thing, indeed.
Off to Farnworth
  Limitations of stage apart, the hall is quite adequate, but it will be interesting to see how they go on in a hall holding 1,000 people, and with a larger stage.
  For the Society are taking the production in its entirety to Farnworth (Bolton) on Monday.   They will play beforetheir largest audience, and I am sure they will give entire satisfaction.
  The chorus has distinguished itself vocally, and their deportment and make-up, not to mention the beautiful costumes, has added to their all-round excellence.
  Mr. William Hogarth has earned much commendation, too, on his work as the musical director.
Well-Drilled Cast
  It would be invidious to individualise regarding the cast.   They have been well drilled and neither over-act nor over-sing their parts, and always fit into the scheme of things.
  Congratulations, therefore, to a good team...
  The size of the audiences undoubtedly indicates that there is still a good public for these operas.







After encountering violent hailstorms and being held up by floods, members of the Marton Choral and Operatic Society and an orchestra of 12 arrived at Farnworth (Bolton) in two motor coaches on Monday, at 7-0 p.m.
  Three-quarters of an hour later the curtain on the stage of the Farnworth and Kearsley Parish Church Hall rose on the production of "The Mikado," and the Society began its sixth performance of this Gilbert and Sullivan piece since last Tuesday.
  This in itself was surely an achievement, but when the curtain finally fell, an enthusiastic audience of 900 people literally rose and gave the Martonians the biggest ovation of their career.
  And they fully deserved it, too.
  Personal triumphs were scored by Fowler Wade, as the Mikado - his song concluded to a storm of applause, and the audience would not be denied an encore; Cyril Berry (Pooh-Bah); Albert Howarth (Ko-Ko); Jack Spencer (Nanki-Poo); and Harold Holden (Pish-Tush).
  Jennifer North, Ruby Hill and Gladys Metcalfe again gave charming performances, and Peggy Cardwell played well as Katisha.   The chorus and orchestra excelled themselves.
  The production was by Sidney King and William Hogarth was the musical director.   Both excelled.
  Even though we did not arrive back in Blackpool until the early hours it was a night well spent, and the good people of Farnworth were rewarded for braving the elements and going to the hall.

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