Merrie England
Basil Hood and Edward German

Merrie England is a "Savoy Opera", though not by Gilbert & Sullivan.   It was first performed at the Savoy Theatre in London in 1902 and was very popular for a time.   It is seldom performed nowadays, though it has not disappeared entirely from the amateur stage.   More information about the work can be found on the Gilbert & Sullivan Archive and the Musical Theatre Guide.

Edward German (1862-1936) is best remembered for Merrie England and another light opera, Tom Jones.   He  completed Sullivan's last work, The Emerald Isle, after Sullivan's death in 1900.   As well as light operas and theatre music German  - like Sullivan - composed serious works, including two symphonies.

Basil Hood  (1864-1917) did a wide range of work including collaborations with Sullivan on The Rose of Persia and with both Sullivan and German on The Emerald Isle.

The Gilbert & Sullivan Archive has articles about Hood and German.

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