From the Evening Gazette,
14 November 1972...
He made more of spaghetti eating than most people make of their main scene, by puzzling how to eat the snaky stuff, getting it in his hair and suffering sundry other mishaps.
The producton could not be faulted with dazzling costumes and scenery, fine singing and very capable acting.
The producer, John Shedwick, did a fine job to make this an all-action production.
Flighty, flirty Tessa, played by Tina Bywater, when not with her gondolier husband of a few minutes, was wrapped in the arms of another gondolier, and so on.
The cast cope well with a stage which is not large by any standards, and managed to pack on to it without apparent crowding for a dance scene which I especially liked.                                        - W.M.T.

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