From the Evening Gazette 9 November 1962...

And the Evening Gazette review on 13 November 1962...

"The Gondoliers" - the story of a Venetian marriage mix-up with a fairy-tale ending - is one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most acclaimed operas.
  So well known by audiences, it has always demanded more than a mediocre performance.
  And certainly those qualities which are so necessary in these gay but sometimes difficult and tricky musicals were upheld in Marton Parish Church Operatic and Dramatic Society's production of the lovable favourite.
  The performance, running until Saturday evening at the Church Hall, Preston Old-road, will probably rate among the society's most dynamic of their 25 productions if last night's opening standard is maintained.
  All the brilliance and fervour of a favourite musical score was brought out.
  Particularly both choruses - the Contadine and Gondoliers - on which the musical score calls so often, achieved a substantial quality of excellence, a tribute to Mr Robert Atherton, musical director, who has prepared them during the last five months.
  With a cast of more than 40 and extravagantly produced, performances from all the main characters reached high standards.
  In the court scenes Giuseppe (Harold Wilcock) gave well-timed treatment to the tricky "Rising early in the morning" followed by a particularly pleasing rendition by Marco (George Dodgson) of "Take a pair of sparkling eyes".
  The dance scenes did not lose their charm despite limited stage room.   Colourfully costumed and backed by fine orchestration, the full gayness of the setting was captured.
  Fine performances came from the Duke and Duchess (Kenneth Nicholls and Margaret Hinton) and Luiz (Glenn Dean) and Casilda (June Bradley).
  Mrs Audrey Ilett produced.
  VERDICT: Excellent production.   Give the TV a rest and see it.                                                                                                                        - J. A.

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